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Pharmacy Retailers are Investing in Both Stores and eCommerce
29 Jun 2022 at 12:00am

As retail pharmacies double down on convenience with expanded categories of merchandise, they’re simultaneously investing more in their online offerings. 

The data shows that two main insights about retail pharmacies and their customers have risen to the top: in-store shopping remains extremely important for certain demographic groups and convenience is a strong factor in how and where they shop. They view their neighborhood pharmacies as one-stop shops to grab essential items, and 42% of Americans go to the pharmacy with the most convenient location. 

What is your brand doing to leverage the three major consumer groups and what they want?

Download the playbook to learn about your consumer groups, including how their preferences are driving retail pharmacy transformations, and the role of eCommerce in reshaping how and where customers do their shopping. Topics include three emerging trends:

Channel blurring Pharmacies as wellness centers Online personalization

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CMO-Level Insights to Elevate Your Personalization Strategy
29 Jun 2022 at 12:00am

Consumers expect personalized experiences. But despite the benefits of personalization, many brands struggle to manage the complexity of an enterprise-wide program. Evolving a company’s personalization strategy requires an integrated approach and executive commitment.

In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, Dave Frankland, our principal analyst, will explore how marketers and CMOs can elevate their organization’s approach to drive engagement and deliver financial results.

Join this live discussion, made possible by BlueConic, and learn:

The business benefits personalization can deliver on How companies can overcome the complexity of personalization at scale How to elevate your approach to personalization to optimize results Plus! Sam Ngo, director, product marketing at BlueConic, joins the conversation

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Evaluating Lead Generation Campaigns for Long-Term Success
28 Jun 2022 at 12:00am

Growing competition and increasing internal pressure often push Marketing teams to focus on short-term gains and incremental performance improvements above all else. However, best-in-class Marketing teams know that long-term success is dependent on periodically assessing lead generation campaign performance holistically to intentionally evolve campaign strategy and measure effectiveness.

There are 4 core steps you must take to holistically evaluate lead generation campaigns:

Analyze Media & Messaging
Understand media, cross-media, and messaging performance over time as well as changes in the media mix.
  Review Marketing & Sales Funnel
Evaluate funnel performance and conversion rates by stage and audience segment.
  Examine Segmentation Strategy
Review segmentation and compare current profiles to established profiles.
  Check Brand Health
Assess Share of Voice, brand reputation and recall, and upper-funnel investment.

Download the framework for a detailed look at these 4 steps to combat performance decline and strategy drift.

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Here's an End-to-End Checklist to Crush Your CX Goals Beyond the Buy Button
28 Jun 2022 at 12:00am

Each page in this checklist has best practices for that functional area (inventory, omnichannel, order fulfillment, etc.) Under each best practice list are ideas (organized from pre through post-purchase) that industry-leading brands have used to optimize their end-to-end customer experience. Check off the best practices you are doing today and get a few new ideas for your back pocket to add to your strategy.

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Why streaming platforms see reboots, spinoffs, and prequels as prime territor...
28 Jun 2022 at 12:00am

If you haven’t noticed, reboots, remakes, sequels, and prequels seem to be everywhere on streaming television. There’s a reason for all these reimaginings: if done right, they can help drive big audiences—streaming services and advertisers need big audiences. The question is: will the glut of reboots and revivals actually stick with consumers and help deliver to advertisers the kind of regular eyeballs they rely on for their ad campaigns? Industry leaders from Paramount and NBCUniversal share their insights.

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Coca-Cola optimizes sales with Customer Segmentation & POS Data
27 Jun 2022 at 9:05am

Discover how Coca-Cola uses CARTO & Google BigQuery to visualize 700k POS & vending machines to help improve their customer segmentation, sales insights, & more.

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Winning Market Expansion Strategies for CPG brands, Using Spatial Data and An...
27 Jun 2022 at 9:05am

Watch this practical on demand webinar and learn how CPG brands can use spatial data and analytics to better segment consumers and configure successful route-to-market strategies. What we cover in the session:

CPG data challenges: As CPG brands adopt DTC strategies, we explore how spatial data can be used to effectively enhance first party sources. Consumer segmentation: Using practical examples, we outline how CARTO can be used to segment consumers and distributor networks with ease. Route-to-Market: By combining spatial data and location-based insights, we showcase how our new CARTO for CPG solution can be used to configure precise market expansion strategies.

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Google Reviews 101
27 Jun 2022 at 12:00am

What are Google reviews and why do they still matter?

Google reviews are user-generated comments that current or past customers can post about businesses on Google. They include a rating out of five stars that is calculated into a business’s average star rating.

Today, Google reviews impact the customer journey more than ever. Reviews influence 88% of consumers in discovering a local business. And Google currently hosts the most visible reviews on the internet. According to a recent interview with Neil Patel, collecting as many reviews as possible should be your main focus when it comes to getting found and chosen.

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Marketing Cloud Suite vs. Best-of-Breed Approach
27 Jun 2022 at 12:00am

The marketing cloud suites have long promised to provide an all-in-one platform where all customer data and essential marketing activities can be easily managed. But even with the addition of the customer data platform (CDP) to their offerings, these suites aren’t all that they claim to be.

This eBook explores the shortcomings of marketing cloud CPDs and why companies are far better off with a best-of-breed technology stack with a pure-play CDP at the center. You’ll learn:

· The many ways in which the marketing cloud suites have failed enterprise companies across industries

· How marketing cloud “CDPs” pale in comparison to pure-play customer data platforms 

· Why leading businesses are abandoning marketing cloud suites and investing in built-for-purpose CDPs

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Facing Financial Truths in Sales Compensation Management
27 Jun 2022 at 12:00am

The role of the chief financial officer (CFO) is continuously evolving, and over the past few years has expanded into more oversight and expectation. But with all this attention spread across the company, one area that must remain a primary focus is sales performance and correctly setting targets, quotas and expectations.

According to a recent survey of CFOs by studioID, there is a broken link between sales incentive compensation and finance teams, impacting financial plans, expenses, forecasts and strategies. The survey found that sales forces need tools to aid finance and revealed how finance can improve targeting to better design compensation. Read this eBook to go deeper into the results and learn:

How to bridge goal gaps between sales and finance Why finance needs to sit at the sales table The solutions that can resolve compensation challenges

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